About Us


Located on the ground floor of the Hotel InterContinental in Kuala Lumpur, Heritage of the Orient has set a standard of excellence for over two decades proposing mostly museum-quality antiques and fine art from Southeast Asia, China, Tibet and Afghanistan. In this treasure trove, you will find rare Gandhara pieces,  beautiful Buddhas and statues of Dieties from Burma, Laos and Cambodia displayed among original unrestored Chinese painted cupboards from the Shanxi region, amazing gold gilded manuscript chests in teak wood from Burma as well as beautiful painted sideboards from Tibet.  A wide choice of Ceramics, Porcelains and Potteries  from various countries complement the offering together with some Jades and Vintage Jewelry.  



Heritage of the Orient was actually born out of its owner’s private collection.  Jehan Begum Mougin who has over 30 years experience is a renowned expert who is thoroughly passionate about antiques. After training in Europe (where she lived in the early 80s), she started travelling extensively in Asia, going deep into the various countries to establish precious contacts and source rare and high quality pieces, originally for her private collection but also for collectors and museums. Later she decided to open Heritage of the Orient (with branches in the USA and in Paris at some point in time) as an extension of her collection so she could share her passion with a wider audience.   



Heritage of the Orient has always taken great pain in ensuring the authenticity of each of its pieces and it is registered and recognized by Muzium Negara (National Museum of Malaysia). Every piece is accompanied by a Certificate of Antiquity. This adherence to quality and authenticity has made Heritage of the Orient a trusted source for international private collectors and curators around the world.